Nutritional Screening

Have you ever stood in a pharmacy or nutritional store starting at row after row of products that you assume are good for you without really knowing their source and the intention of those creating them? In reality, almost all supplements that you find in even the finest nutritional shops are synthetic drugs that sometimes hurt us more than they help us. We have a solution that you (and your body) will love.

Something that all of us do about three times a day is feed our body with food. The difference between our food now and even 100 years ago is the amount of processing, synthetics, and pesticides used in food today. 100 years ago you had no choice but to eat all organic food. Now that is not the case. It is actually the reverse. It is becoming harder and harder to find clean and pure food to build our bodies correctly. It is a sad truth that we are all waking up to.

Our food no longer has the nutritional value it once did. It is also more toxic than ever. Looking at some American’s diets, so many of us rarely eat anything that is whole and organic but instead a diet consisting of processed, fake, and nutritionally deprived food. Our Nutritional Screening helps identify what your body is lacking using various tests and techniques that ask your body what it needs. Not simply something we make up or that the media has recently deemed as the next best cure. The wow factor you experience during a nutritional exam is something that is common since you see in real time what strengths your body and what weakens it. We love when people bring in everything they are taking and see what is working and what is not.

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